Of Rain & Dirt

by Ord

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fehu I honestly cant explain how much I love this demo. I play it so often, and yet it never grows old. I always seem to gain something new from it with each listen, and I believe that to be the mark of a truly talented musician. I can safely say that this demo is in my top 5 favorite albums of all time, andI truly hope that Ord continues to create such masterpieces.
Favorite track: The whole thing
william maurer
william maurer thumbnail
william maurer This demo is absolutley incredible I wish you luck in getting your name out because more people need to hear this. Favorite track: Cult of Misosophy.
meta viking
meta viking thumbnail
meta viking Amazing sound... of the Earth. I love it when great bands are from where I'm from. Favorite track: Cult of Misosophy.
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released June 22, 2015



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Track Name: Into The Furthest Void
Keeper of souls
deep seated one
walk with me to the other side
past the gates and through the flames
into the realms of delusion
into the furthest void
where I may dream forever
old wandering souls accompany me
and silent sleep, my mistress
as I journey endlessly
through the dark realms
twisting shadows drift by
skies of fire and stone
realm of forgotten souls
my eyes see through the fog
dark shapes shifting form
nameless beings
watching, guiding me
as I wander through the thick shrouds
before me lies a great lake of blood
fed from the veins of seven angels
their blood flows black
as sulphur and fire fill the air
standing in the lake
I have found tranquility
Track Name: Hellboozer
All consuming
relentless chaos
mayhem rides on wings of loose change
not dead, not alive
saturated in filth
take from me my strength
take from me my wisdom
give me courage
and the will to thrive in the blackest night
liquor of sorrow, lust, anger and pleasure
awaken the demons that dwell within me
the noose hangs high
as days become weeks
feel its grip slowly getting tighter
one to remember
one to forget
one for the fallen
drink to their deaths
total inebriation
blacked out with no remorse
bleeding, slowly dieing
the devil sets my course
you have no hope
you have no future
serve your master
you have no hope
you have no future
feed the fire
Track Name: Shameover
Awaking in total chaos
frantic, searching for anything
grasping at the pieces
trying to make them fit
trying to understand
the sickness, the looming guilt
the fear and the shame that consume me
relentless defecation
a thousand dagger pierce my mind
undying thirst, my sickness grows
every shadow stares through my soul
glimpses of horror flash before my eyes
I recall a brutal truth
the shame beats me down
I have no strength to fight
sick and feeble, I thirst for liquid courage
to ease my worried mind
to still my shaking hands
there is no rest for the weary
the cycle will begin again
Track Name: Cult of Misosophy
When the moon shines down upon me
when the wind howls through the trees
when I hear the sound of thunder
my soul yearns to be free
the trees stand tall around me
as the leaves turn red and fall
the sky grows dark and stormy
I hear the lone wolf's call
before me a bolt of lighting smites a tall and mighty tree
in the fire I see the spirits
calling out to me
I hear the distant ocean
the endless raging waves
restless four winds moaning
laments to sunken graves
the embers turn to ashes
as the fire slowly dies
rain is falling
thunder rolls through the sky
far away the city lights glow
dimly in the night
so many lives, distant and cold
the beauty and wisdom of the ancient forests
will remain unseen by the willing blind
sheep guided by wolves
rituals of ignorance
cult of misosophy
Track Name: Burning Sun
Fading fast
like the shirt on your back
once bright and new
now old and torn
worn by the elements
clinging to your back
as you sweat under the burden of your possessions
dragging them through the streets
endlessly roaming
aimlessly moving forward into nothingness
everyday you grow older
it seems you were left behind
another travel weary spirit
broken, cast aside
your leather skin cracks under the burning sun
your hollow bones moan in the freezing wind
worn thin, a leaf in a raging storm
your body yearns for rest
but the only rest is in death
the only peace is in sorrow
your path has been marked
follow on into oblivion